Frequently Asked Questions

The Courses

1. Who are these courses for?

• The courses are for doctors, PAs and ANPs who want to learn Point of Care Ultrasound.

• You do not need previous practical ultrasound experience.

2. What’s the structure of the courses?

• They last half a day and are purely practical with groups of 3 delegates rotating through


• In each station a mentor is present to demonstrate, guide and assist the delegates.

• In the stations the activities include:

   - Scanning of healthy models;

   - Discussion of clips showing pathologies;

   - Simulation of clinical scenarios (also with the use of a simulator); and

   - Practice of clinical skills on phantoms.

• No formal lecture is delivered during the course; all lectures are sent online beforehand.

3. Which kind of accreditation do these courses provide?

• These are the introductory, compulsory, courses to the FAMUS (Focused Acute Medicine

   Ultrasound) and the FUSIC (Focused Ultrasound in Intensive Care – Heart, Lung,

   Abdomen, Vascular modules) accreditation.

• Accreditation is achieved once you have completed your logbook.

4. Are Focused Acute Medicine Ultrasound (FAMUS) and Focused Ultrasound in

    Intensive Care (FUSIC) Lung + Abdomen + Vascular modules equivalent courses?

•  Yes they are. The Society for Acute Medicine (SAM), for FAMUS, and the Intensive Care

   Society (ICS), who sponsors FUSIC, mutually recognize the other course as equivalent for

   the accreditation in the curriculum they promote.


5. Do I have to complete the theory module before the course?

• It is strongly advised since the course is practical stations only, and very intense.

• Additional teaching and tips will be given with the expectation that you have the basic

   knowledge and understanding from the online training.


6. What is a Supervisor?


• For FAMUS, you need a FAMUS-accredited Supervisor.

• For FUSIC Heart, you need a FUSIC Heart and BSE-accredited Supervisor.

• You need a Supervisor to finalise the completion of your training and to obtain your


• If you don’t have one in your hospital you may look for one in a nearby hospital or

   enquire from us during the course.

• A Supervisor can also act as a Mentor.


7. What is a Mentor?


•  A Mentor is someone skilled in a particular area of ultrasound (Lung, Vascular, Heart etc)

   who can directly supervise the first 10 scans (compulsory) and support you during the

   completion of your portfolio.

• A Mentor who is not FUSIC/BSE or FAMUS accredited can’t act as a Supervisor.


8. Can the mentoring be done remotely with the REsUS initiative?


•  Yes, however the REsUS initiative cannot substitute for the direct supervision of the

    first scans by a local Mentor (for example of the first 10 for the FUSIC heart module).


General policies


•  In case of withdrawing from the course after submitting application (and payment) the

    candidate must notify POCUS Frimley as soon as possible by emailing

•  The following amounts will be non-refundable for each course booked:

   - If notification is received more than 30 days before the course, £35 for each course

     booked will be non-refundable in order to cover expenses and online training (when

     this applies).

   - If notification is received between 11-29 days before the course, £100 for each

     course will be non-refundable.

   - If notification is received between 4-10 days before the course, £150 for each course

     will be non-refundable.

   - There is no refund for cancellations within 3 days of the course excepting health

     reasons (please see exceptions below).


The following exceptions apply:

• If the cancellation is attributable to serious and documented health reasons,

   irrespective of when notification is received, £50 for each course booked will be

   retained to cover expenses and the difference will be calculated as a discount for a

   course to be carried out within the following year.

• The same policy applies to candidates who have to cancel the application for reasons

   related to COVID-19 (contact or symptoms with need to isolate and isolation

   finishing after the date of the course).